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Who is Morn on Star Trek?

Who is Morn on Star Trek?

Mark Allen Shepherd
Mark Allen Shepherd (born 7 January 1961; age 61) is a background performer, an actor and artist from Rockville Centre, New York who is best known for his portrayal of the Lurian freighter captain Morn in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Is Morn in Star Trek discovery?

Incredibly, Morn appeared in 93 episodes — 22 more than Cirroc Lofton, who played Jake Sisko, the son of Captain Benjamin Sisko (Avery Brooks), despite Lofton being a series regular. Morn’s actual job was a courier of sometimes illegal goods, but he spent most of his time, and his Latinum, at Quark’s.

How much is a bar of latinum worth?

This makes a bar worth $860.

Why can’t latinum be replicated?

It is explained that certain items can not be replicated based on materials on board. Latinum is explained as the most Dense and heavy substance in the Universe. For this reason, the Replicators would need something just as dense atomically or greater to replicate. Which is impossible.

Is Morn based on norm?

“Morn” is an anagram for Norm, the barfly played by George Wendt in the TV show Cheers (1982). (Star Trek Encyclopedia) The manner in which Dax shouts his name upon seeing the hologram at Quark’s is reminiscent of the greeting Norm would usually receive as soon as he walked into Cheers.

What is the 47th Ferengi Rule of Acquisition?

ENT: “Acquisition”; VOY: “False Profits” 47. Don’t trust a man wearing a better suit than your own. DS9: “Rivals”

Is Star Trek replicator possible?

While generating a handful of particles is a long way from generating a convincing steak and lobster dinner, the technology at least makes “Star Trek”-like replicators conceivable as a real-life possibility.

Does Morn ever speak in Deep Space Nine?

Morn never spoke a single word throughout all of Deep Space Nine, with the only time he was ever depicted vocalizing being his laugh in the episode “The Nagus”. In the German version of the episode ” The Jem’Hadar “, however, he does speak; he is just about to tell Quark what has been troubling him when Quark simply walks away.

Who is Morn in DS9?

( DS9: ” Who Mourns for Morn? “) Morn was one of five thieves who stole 1,000 bricks of gold -pressed latinum from the Central Bank of Lissepia in the Lissepian Mother’s Day Heist of 2365.

Who is the makeup artist for Morn on Deep Space Nine?

Shepherd appeared as Morn in every season of Deep Space Nine in heavy makeup, which took nearly two hours to apply. Once in costume, Shepherd was known to spend fourteen hours a day filming. His makeup artist was Vincent Niebla, who earned an Emmy Award for his work on Deep Space Nine.

What did Morn actually do in Star Trek?

The character of Morn was, essentially, something of a gag that the program’s producers were playing on just about everyone else. Though other characters repeatedly referred to him as being talkative, social, and excitable, Morn was never actually shown doing anything much other than imbibing, and quietly at that, at Quark’s bar.