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Who is the girl on the Slaughter album cover?

Who is the girl on the Slaughter album cover?

Moreover, Laurie embarked on a brief acting career: She had a small role as a nurse in the horror comedy “Mortuary Academy” and made a guest appearance on an episode of the TV series “Full House.” In addition, she was featured as the cover model on the albums “Stick It To Ya” and “Stick It Live” by the hard rock band …

Is Mark Slaughter still in Slaughter?

Mark Allen Slaughter (born July 4, 1964) is an American singer and musician, and one of the founders of the glam metal band Slaughter….

Mark Slaughter
Genres Glam metal hard rock heavy metal
Occupation(s) Singer, songwriter
Instruments Vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, piano, tambourine
Years active 1979–present

What happened to the rock band Slaughter?

On February 5, 1998, tragedy struck when guitarist Tim Kelly was killed in an auto accident in the Arizona desert. This deeply affected the group, but they were committed to continue with the band.

What was Slaughter’s first album?

Into the DarknessSlaughter / First album

Who is the woman on chocolate and cheese?

Ween originally wanted the cover to have a “gay sailor theme” but the studio thought this was inappropriate, opting instead for a woman’s body on the cover. The band say that they never got to meet the cover model, a Penthouse Pet named Ashley Savage. The cover was shot by John Kuczala.

Who is Mark Slaughter’s wife?

Rebecca SlaughterMark Slaughter / Wife (m. 2000–2010)

Who did Mark Slaughter marry?

Rebecca SlaughterMark Slaughter / Spouse (m. 2000–2010)

What is the meaning of cow Slaughter?

noun. the killing or butchering of cattle, sheep, etc., especially for food. the brutal or violent killing of a person. the killing of great numbers of people or animals indiscriminately; carnage: the slaughter of war.

Who is Mark Slaughter married to?

What is Mark Slaughter’s real name?

Mark Allen SlaughterMark Slaughter / Full name

Is Ween offensive?

Who’s proudly waving a big middle finger in our camp? While I’d never consider Ween “mean” or “mean-spirited,” they’re certainly gleefully offensive when they want to be. They’re also sweet, sincere, goofy, surreal, and completely, stone-faced serious when they want to be.