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Who is the lore master?

Who is the lore master?

Loremaster is an antagonist to Subject 67 in Examtaker. She is also the future side of Azazel and the new ruler of Hell, as well as the master of its fallen queen Lucifer.

What does Lore Master mean?

loremaster (plural loremasters) (chiefly fantasy) A wise person with knowledge of history, genealogy and ancient poetry and possibly magic as well.

What is a loremaster DND?

Loremasters were spellcasters who focused on the acquisition of knowledge.

What is a lore keeper?

“Lorekeeper” was the term used by the Amani to describe their tribal leaders, or shamans. It was these individuals in their society that kept tales of historical struggles to relate at special events. The title was also applied to other, non-Amani beings that the species deemed wise.

How did Azazel become loremaster?

Sometime later, having completely fallen yet still believing herself to be a pure angel, Azazel has taken over Hell and began trying to create her own artificial demon using a human for scientific purposes with a new name and title of Loremaster, the Science Demon.

How many loremaster quests are there?

In the pre-expansion areas (Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms), players must complete a total number of quests across the entire continent, regardless of zone. 3000 Quests Completed) will also be obtained at around the same time, as both sides have to complete over 3,000 quests to obtain the title of Loremaster.

What 3 subgroups did Lore Keeper have?


  • 1.1 Jedi archivists.
  • 1.2 Jedi librarians.
  • 1.3 Jedi historians.

How do I get a Lorekeeper?

To earn the Lorekeeper certificate in FNAF 6, players must complete three specific lore mini games and unlock their hidden lore: Fruity Maze Arcade, Midnight Motorist, and Security Puppet. After completing the secret lore mini games in FNAF 6, the Lorekeeper Certificate will appear on the game’s start menu screen.

Who is the angel in Helltaker?

Azazel is a character in the game Helltaker. In the main game, she is an innocent but naïve angel who went to Hell simply to study demons and was in no way a villain. Come the Examtaker expansion, she has become the ruler of Hell and main antagonist under the new name of Loremaster.

What level should I farm loremaster?

There is no minimum level requirement to accept her quest “The Lore Master” for access to her sigil and team up. The dungeon can not be ported into so you have to join by jumping on the sigil or using team up.

Can you craft headless horseman Wizard101?

I’d rather Headless Horseman not be craftable, instead also be obtainable from spellements and have an upgrade path. This would make the most sense as the other holiday spells (Krampus and Reindeer Knight) can be learned from spellements and have an upgrade path.