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Who is to blame Polonius death?

Who is to blame Polonius death?

In the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare, the first death that occurs is Polonius’ death. Specifically, in Act 3, Scene 4, he is killed by Hamlet in Gertrude’s room.

Is Hamlet culpable for the death of Polonius?

Not only was Hamlet criminally responsible for Polonius’ killing, jurors said he might also be guilty of driving Ophelia to her death. ″His insensitivity to this person that he supposedly loved was beyond justification,″ Ginsburg said afterward. She said she didn’t believe Hamlet suffered from a mental disorder.

What are the consequences of Polonius death?

Through the death of Polonius, Hamlet has committed the very crime which he was seeking to punish; the son of a father murdered has himself murdered a father. Retribution will call up against him a son, at whose hands he will meet his fate.

Is Polonius death the climax?

The first peak is the death of Polonius in act 3, which breaks the tension that had built up. The final climax is the battle in the finale of the tragedy.

Why is Hamlet not guilty for killing Polonius?

Richardson argued that Hamlet killed Polonius in self-defense because he was caught off-guard and in a vulnerable state while in a heated discussion with his mother. The jury ultimately determined — by a 327-310 vote — that Hamlet was not guilty.

Should Hamlet be punished for killing Polonius?

Hamlet should not be held accountable for the death of Polonius. There are many factors contributed solely by Claudius himself, to prove that Hamlet in fact should not be held responsible. First of all, Hamlet has his mind set that behind the curtain lies Claudius.

Why is the death of Polonius so important?

The death of Polonius is important for the play, though it is not the climax of the play, because it is the tipping point for Claudius. It also leads directly to Hamlet’s death because Laertes wants to avenge his father’s death. Finally, it is also the breaking point for Ophelia.

Why is Polonius death significant?

Why is the killing of Polonius a turning point for Hamlet?

How is Polonius’ death a turning point in the play? It causes Laertes to become angry and seek revenge against Claudius, which eventually makes him seek revenge against Hamlet. It also causes Ophelia to go crazy and eventually die (on bad terms with the king and queen too).

Why is Hamlet killing Polonius the climax?

It is actually Polonius, and at that point, Hamlet says, “How now, a rat? Dead for a ducat, dead!” (3.4 29) and at that moment, Hamlet slays Polonius. This is a possible climax because it is the first time that Hamlet acts without over thinking. He does not linger on his decision he just kills Polonius.

What is the final irony of Hamlet?

The irony is that while Claudius believes the play to be fiction, Hamlet, Horatio, and the audience know that Hamlet wants it to look like the real murder. Here Hamlet finally makes the decision to kill Claudius but stops when he sees him praying.

Is Hamlet innocent or guilty?

The jury ultimately determined — by a 327-310 vote — that Hamlet was not guilty.