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Who made the Graham car?

Who made the Graham car?

Brothers Joseph, Robert and Ray founded the company that would go on to manufacture some of the more stylish automobiles from the early 1930s. This story is about the innovative and daring 1938 Graham models.

What is a Sharknose car?

The design was originally called the “Spirit of Motion,” but the nickname “Sharknose” was what old-car enthusiasts preferred, so that’s the name that’s mostly associated with this beautifully shaped and well-proportioned automobile.

Who were the Graham brothers?

Ray, Robert, and Joseph Graham, born in the 1880s, got their start with a successful glass factory in Evansville, Indiana in 1907; after they sold it, the glass factory became Libbey-Owens-Ford. In 1916, seeing the need for a dependable truck, the Graham brothers entered the truck body business.

What is a Graham Paige car?

Graham-Paige was an American automobile manufacturer founded by brothers Joseph B. Graham (1882-1970), Robert C. Graham (1885-1967), and Ray A. Graham (1887-1932) in 1927. Automobile production ceased in 1940, and its automotive assets were acquired by Kaiser-Frazer in 1947.

What kind of engine does a 1941 Graham Hollywood have?

1941 Graham Hollywood Supercharged. Both versions used six-cylinder engines. The Skylark was powered by a 245 cu in (4,010 cc) Hupp; the Hollywood was available with a standard 218 cu in (3,570 cc) and an optional supercharged version, both manufactured by Graham-Paige. While some 1500 Hollywoods were built, it did not stop the company’s slide.

How many cylinders does a 1928 Graham truck have?

Graham’s new truck line for 1928 included four four-cylinder models ranging from 1⁄2 to 1 1⁄2 short tons (450 to 1,360 kg) and one 2-short-ton (1,800 kg) six-cylinder model, which used the same engine as the Dodge Brother’s Senior Six, here lightly modified for truck duty.

What was the slogan of the 1938 Graham caravan?

The new 1938 Graham was introduced with the slogan “Spirit of Motion”. The fenders, wheel openings and grille all appeared to be moving forward. The design was widely praised in the American press and by American designers.

Is a 1931 Graham Paige a rare car?

1931 Graham Paige Runs and drives, all works as it should. original interior.? This is a unique collector car and one that is very rare. In 1940, the Graham company contracted wit