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Who played Charles Reynolds on Melrose Place?

Who played Charles Reynolds on Melrose Place?

Linden Ashby
Melrose Place (TV Series 1992–1999) – Linden Ashby as Dr. Brett Cooper, Charles Reynolds – IMDb.

Who is the father of Jo’s baby on Melrose Place?

Jake Hanson, Jr.
Jo and Jake later reunite and get married. They have 2 children: Jake Hanson, Jr. and Beth Hanson.

Did Kimberly steal Joe’s baby?

Through the months preceding the due date, Kimberly and Jo were able to trick the Carters into believing their grandchild was dead. When the baby boy, whom Jo named Austin, was born, Kimberly suffered one of her imbecilic head colds, and decided to steal Jo’s baby and keep it for herself.

Does Jake marry Allison?

Alison miscarried Jake’s baby and learned that she couldn’t have children. Jake asked Alison to marry him again and told her that it didn’t matter if they couldn’t have their own children. Alison and Jake went on a honeymoon and eloped, getting married in a private wedding ceremony.

Is Linden Ashby a real martial artist?

Ashby has been a student of martial arts on and off since he was 21 and studied Karate, Tae Kwon Do and Kung Fu. Linden has admitted to previously suffering panic attacks before auditions which threatened to shorten his career.

Who played Stiles dad?

Linden Ashby is an American actor who portrayed Noah Stilinski, father to Stiles Stilinski and Sheriff of Beacon County on MTV’s Teen Wolf through all six seasons.

Was Jo really pregnant on Melrose Place?

According to attorney Goldberg, Tylo told the “Melrose Place” producers that she was pregnant in March 1996, when she was only a month along. It was her third child; the baby, Isabella, was born in November 1996.

Does Billy marry Alison?

After helping Amanda force Alison from D & D, Brooke begins plotting to take over the company. She marries Billy in the season finale when Alison interrupts the ceremony to beg Billy for another chance. After she is sued for divorce, Kimberly frames Michael for assaulting her.

Why did Daphne leave Melrose?

She’s staying at 4616 Melrose Place, but Daphne Zuniga is leaving behind the role of Jo. “The producers and I agreed it was time to move on,” she said. Meanwhile, four new cast members will come aboard when “Melrose Place” begins the new season on Sept.

Do Alison and Billy end up together?

Billy and Alison eventually separated as their relationship became rocky, with Billy leaving for a job promotion in New York. As the two began to miss one another, Alison soon paid him a brief romantic visit. Billy later returned to L.A. and surprised her by proposing.

Why did Allison leave Melrose?

Alison Parker, played by Courtney Thorne-Smith, was a tragic character in many ways. Eventually, she developed a substance abuse problem and left the apartment complex to move to Atlanta.

Who are the main characters in Melrose Place?

Cast and characters. Melrose Place ‘s premiere season featured eight main characters: Dr. Michael Mancini ( Thomas Calabro ), a physician who works at Wilshire Memorial Hospital and changes from a kind, devoted husband in season 1 to a mean, adulterous villain from season 2 on; Jane Mancini ( Josie Bissett ),…

Who are the actors in Melrose Place?

Melrose Place(1992–1999) Full Cast & Crew See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro Series Directed by Charles Correll (47 episodes, 1993-1999) Chip Chalmers (27 episodes, 1993-1999) Jefferson Kibbee (20 episodes, 1992-1999) Richard Lang (17 episodes, 1993-1997) Nancy Malone

Who is Kyle on ‘Melrose Place’?

The couple then gets married and decides to have a family, and Peter says they will name their kids after the former residents of Melrose Place, promising Amanda they will not name any of their children after Kimberly. Kyle is portrayed by Rob Estes.

Who said Melrose Place is a really good show?

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