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Who played on The Basement Tapes?

Who played on The Basement Tapes?

The Hawks comprised four Canadian musicians—Rick Danko, Garth Hudson, Richard Manuel and Robbie Robertson—and one American, Levon Helm. Dylan’s audiences reacted with hostility to the sound of their folk icon backed by a rock band.

Who played drums on basement Tapes?

Manuel – vocal, piano; Robertson – guitar; Hudson – organ; Danko – bass, backing vocal; Helm – drums. Recording date disputed. The Band recorded at least four versions of the song: at two different Woodstock sessions, as well as at 1967 and 1968 studio sessions.

Who filmed the basement tapes?

McGuinness Flint went as far as recording seven basement tracks for their 1972 all-Dylan album, Lo and Behold. In those years The Basement Tapes grew in the public imagination to constitute a body of songs as famous as the reclusive folk-rock bard himself.

What are the Columbine basement tapes?

The so-called “basement tapes” of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold have been the subject of intense litigation and media speculation, morbid curiosity and outrage, half-baked psychoanalysis and earnest requests from violence-prevention researchers to make them available for study.

Was Ed Sullivan a nice guy?

Ed was a good and loyal friend to those he liked, but heaven help you if you were his enemy. Ed’s famous feuds were legendary.

What are Bob Dylan’s ‘The Basement Tapes’?

One of the most acclaimed albums in either Dylan’s or the Band’s catalog, The Basement Tapes supposedly documents the collaboration between the two in 1967 following the former’s motorcycle accident.

When did the Basement Tapes come out?

Columbia Records released The Basement Tapes on June 26, 1975. The album peaked at number seven on the Billboard chart, and reached number eight in the UK.

How did the media become aware of Bob Dylan’s recordings?

As tapes of Dylan’s recordings circulated in the music industry, journalists became aware of their existence. In June 1968, Jann Wenner wrote a front-page Rolling Stone story headlined “Dylan’s Basement Tape Should Be Released”.

Was David Helm the drummer on the Basement Tapes?

Heylin has suggested that Helm might be the drummer on four tracks on The Basement Tapes: “Odds and Ends”, “Clothes Line Saga”, “Apple Suckling Tree” and “Goin’ To Acapulco” ( Heylin 2009, pp. 376–381). ^ The songs on the demo were: “Million Dollar Bash”, “Yea!