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Who plays Huss and Dalton guitars?

Who plays Huss and Dalton guitars?

Musicians. Two musicians who played Huss & Dalton guitars or banjos include the late George Shuffler and the late James Alan Shelton.

How many guitars does Huss and Dalton make?

The two both worked at Stelling Banjo Works and during that time Huss was building his own guitars on the side. A few years after meeting, they decided to join up and start Huss and Dalton. The company produces about four to five guitars a week and has about seven employees.

Does Huss and Dalton use a bolt on neck?

Huss and Dalton, along with many other high end builders, recognize the bolt on neck as a design improvement.

Are Paramount guitars good?

Instead, Fender’s Paramount series are damn good acoustic guitars that provide stellar tone, impressive playability, and outstanding value, and very likely are among the best acoustics that Fender has ever offered.

Where are Froggy Bottom guitars made?

The company’s Vermont address, he feels, does a lot to sell the quality that Froggy Bottom represents. “Made in Vermont has meaning,” he said. “It suggests quality, and people who take the time to do things well.” Luthier Michael Millard is retiring from Tunbridge’s Froggy Bottom Guitars, which he founded in 1985.

Where are fender Paramount guitars made?

Designed in the United States and made in China, the Paramount series includes three basic body types—dreadnought (the PM-1), 12-fret parlor (PM-2), and triple-0 cutaway (PM-3).

Where is Fender pm 2 made?

These new guitars were designed in the USA, but are made in China, and the company has added a number of touches that hark back to assorted Fender guitars of the past: a stylised old-school headstock logo, pickguards that echo those of Fender flattops from the 60s and checkerboard binding of the kind you’d find on a …

Where are Simon and Patrick guitars made?

LaPatrie Quebec
The process of creating each Simon & Patrick acoustic guitar all starts in the Eastern Townships, just a few hours outside of Montreal in the small village of LaPatrie Quebec, where building guitars isn’t just a job but a true passion.

Are Froggy Bottom guitars worth it?

It is a very special guitar. Every Frog I have ever played, I don’t see many, has been really good. They are expensive, for more than 10 years my Frog was the most expensive thing I owned. I think it was worth it.

What are the three different lines within the Paramount ™ acoustic guitar series?

Designed in the United States and made in China, the Paramount series includes three basic body types—dreadnought (the PM-1), 12-fret parlor (PM-2), and triple-0 cutaway (PM-3).

What kind of guitar does Huss and Dalton make?

The Huss and Dalton Guitar Company is pleased to announce its first-ever solid body electric guitar, the Statesboro SC Classic. From its classic peg head, to its beautiful sunburst flame maple top and modern P.A.F. Humbuckers, this guitar is ready to rock. We build instruments for you – the players.

What makes Huss&Dalton guitars unique?

While the luthiers appreciated traditional design, they imagined a guitar that paid homage to tradition and also incorporated improvements to the structure and cosmetics of the distinctly American steel-string guitar. Today, Huss & Dalton builds the world’s finest acoustic, electric guitars and banjos in both traditional and contemporary styles.

Is the Huss and Dalton Crossroads 12 fret good?

Here is a brand new Huss & Dalton Crossroads 12, a smaller bodied, 12 fret version of the Crossroads line. These “Retro” guitars are great for fingerstyle, particularly blues and folk styles, and work really well with a vocalist. Sold with the original Huss & Dalton hard shell case.

Who are Jeff Huss and Mark Dalton?

Jeff Huss and Mark Dalton have been creating artisan acoustic guitars for 25 years. Their reputation is that of quality and precision. Their guitars are renowned for their incredible resonance and sustain. These are true American Masterpieces.