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Who was klimts muse?

Who was klimts muse?

muse Emilie Flöge
Klimt’s muse Emilie Flöge — The Forgotten Fashion Designer Who Inspired Some of the 20th Century’s Most Iconic Paintings.

Who is the woman in the kiss Klimt?

Emilie Flöge
One such muse is Emilie Flöge, the woman long rumoured to be the woman in Gustav Klimt’s masterpiece The Kiss. Born in 1874, Flöge possessed the usual suspects of beauty and charm, but she was also an innovative fashion designer, businesswoman and radical.

Who was Emilie Flöge?

Emilie Louise Flöge (30 August 1874 – 26 May 1952) was an Austrian fashion designer and businesswoman. She was the life companion of the painter Gustav Klimt.

Who was Gustav Klimt wife?

‘ Emilie Flöge (1874–1952) was Klimt’s unwavering companion, the inspiring woman, his much-cited ‘muse’, who from the 1890s onwards accompanied him through personal and artistic highs and lows.

Who were Klimt’s models?

Even after 100 years, the golden women in Klimt’s paintings are still gleaming. They have become synonymous with his art. Those mysterious female figures all had a special connection to the master of Art Nouveau.

What does The Kiss painting symbolize?

Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss is the archetype of tenderness and passion. This shimmering, colorful, love scene of two faces and bodies embracing each other, is conserved at the Belvedere Museum in Vienna.

Did Gustav Klimt marry?

Although he never married, Klimt had a great many lovers and is said to have fathered 14 children.

Who created the kiss?

Gustav KlimtThe Kiss / Artist

How much is the kiss painting worth?

around $240,000
The price paid for The Kiss painting by the Austrian government was both record-breakingly high and an incredible bargain. When the Austrian government bought The Kiss from Klimt before he finished it, they paid a record-breaking 25,000 crowns for the painting. Today, this sum translates to around $240,000.