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Who were the panel on Juke Box Jury?

Who were the panel on Juke Box Jury?

The panel – Chris Denning, Penny Valentine, Mel Torme, Janette Scott – tell host David Jacobs if the latest records are a ‘hit’ or a ‘miss’ in July 1967. Juke Box Jury was chaired by David Jacobs. Each week he played a selection of 7″ singles on a large juke box to a panel of four celebrities.

What year did Juke Box Jury start?

Juke Box Jury is a music panel show which ran on BBC Television between 1 June 1959 and 27 December 1967. The programme was based on the American show Jukebox Jury, itself an offshoot of a long-running radio series….

Juke Box Jury
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Who said I’ll give it five on Juke Box Jury?

Janice Nicholls
Janice Nicholls. Remember the name from the 1960s? A teenager who gave her verdict on new record releases. Her ratings were out of five, and if she liked one, she’d say enthusiastically, ‘Oi’ll give it foive’.

What was the theme tune to Juke Box Jury?

Hit and Miss (Theme from the TV Series “Juke Box Jury”)

Who was Janice Nicholls?

It was on that segment that Janice Nicholls appeared. She was a former office clerk from the English Midlands who became famous for the catchphrase “Oi’ll give it foive” which she said with a strong Black Country accent.

Is Janice Nicholls from Juke Box Jury still alive?

Janice Nicholls, 1961 – 2010.

What happened to Janice Nichols?

After her moment of fame, Janice became a chiropodist and settled down in Hednesford, Staffordshire. She was last seen on TV a few years ago in Lee Mack’s comedy trivia show Duck Quacks Don’t Echo.

Who was on Juke Box Jury in 1961?

Also in 1961, comedian Jimmy Edwards promoted a tea-shop band ‘The Burke Adams Tea-Time Three’, who had a record judged a hit on Juke Box Jury, in “The Face of Enthusiasm”, part of his Faces of Jim comedy series. Finnish television ran its own version of Juke Box Jury called Levyraati.

Is there a radio version of Juke Box Jury?

BBC Radio Merseyside has run a radio version of Juke Box Jury for some years, hosted by Spencer Leigh and normally broadcast under the programme name On The Beat although it is often scheduled as Juke Box Jury.

When did Dusty Springfield leave Juke Box Jury?

The final televised edition of Juke Box Jury aired on BBC2 on 25 November 1990. Dusty Springfield was on the final panel, joining Alan Freeman who appeared on 30 September 1990, as the only personalities to feature as jurors in all three eras of the television run.

When did the Finnish version of Juke Box Jury end?

The Finnish version long outlasted Juke Box Jury – it ran from 1961 to 1992, and has both been revived since, and also re-imagined as Videoraati by Finnish cable TV channel MoonTV .