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Who won 2004 Olympics 100m final?

Who won 2004 Olympics 100m final?

Despite a slow start, Gatlin of the United States becomes the Olympic 100m champion at Athens 2004.

Did Usain Bolt participate in the 2004 Olympics?

Before he became the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt made his Olympic debut at the Athens 2004 Olympic Games on August 24, with his first and only defeat in an Olympic race in his entire career.

What nationality is Justin Gatlin?

AmericanJustin Gatlin / Nationality

Who won the modern pentathlon in 2004?

Andrey Moiseev
Russia’s Andrey Moiseev won the gold medal with a score of 5,480 points….Modern pentathlon at the 2004 Summer Olympics – Men’s.

Men’s modern pentathlon at the Games of the XXVIII Olympiad
Venue Olympic Modern Pentathlon Centre
Date 26 August
Competitors 32 from 20 nations
Winning score 5480

Where did the 100m sprint take place at the 2004 Olympics?

] The men’s 100 metres was of one of 23 track events of the athletics at the 2004 Summer Olympics, in Athens. It was contested at the Athens Olympic Stadium, from August 21 to 22, by a total of 84 sprinters from 63 nations.

How many heats are there in the 100m at the 2004 Olympics?

The women’s 100 metres at the 2004 Summer Olympics as part of the athletics program were held at the Athens Olympic Stadium from August 20 to 21. In the first round, the first three runners from each of the eight heats, together with the eight next fastest overall runners (8×3+8=32), automatically qualified for the second round.

What is the qualification period for the 2004 Olympic 200m?

The qualification period for Athletics was 1 January 2003 to 9 August 2004. For the women’s 200 metres, each National Olympic Committee was permitted to enter up to three athletes that had run the race in 11.30 seconds or faster during the qualification period.

Who won the 2004 Olympic silver medal in the track and field?

Following an unexpected victory from Nestsiarenka, Williams edged the fast closing Campbell for a silver medal by a hundredth of a second, finishing at 10.96. , the existing World and Olympic records were as follows. No new records were set during the competition. The qualification period for Athletics was 1 January 2003 to 9 August 2004.