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Who won MasterChef in Greece 2020?

Who won MasterChef in Greece 2020?

Stavros Varthalithis
Season 6 (2020) The winner of season 6 was Stavros Varthalithis.

Who were the contestants in MasterChef 2020?


Contestant Age Status
Emelia Jackson 30 Winner 20 July
Laura Sharrad 24 Runner-up 20 July
Reynold Poernomo 26 Third Place 19 July
Callum Hann 30 Eliminated 14 July

Who are the finalist of MasterChef 2020?

This season marked Khanna’s fifth consecutive season serving as a judge on the show and Brar’s second season, who was last seen in the fourth season. Abinas Nayak, an IT Analyst from Odisha was declared as the winner on 1 March 2020, with Oindrila Bala of West Bengal being the runner-up.

Who was the first black person to win MasterChef?

Whitney Leigh Miller Humphrey (bornJune 1, 1988) is an American chef who won the first season of the US version of MasterChef in 2010.

Who are the judges in Masterchef?

Christina Tosi
Graham ElliotJoe BastianichGordon Ramsay

Who are the contestants on MasterChef 2021?

MasterChef Professionals 2021 Contestants

Sr No. Contestant Name Status
1 Daniel Lee Winner
2 Aaron Middleton Runner-up
3 Liam Rogers Runner-up
4 Daniel Marreiros Eliminated (Finals)

Who are the top 5 in MasterChef 2020?

On a less depressing note: this means we have a top five: Emelia, Reynold, Reece, Laura and Callum.

Who are the chefs on MasterChef 2021?

The eleventh season of the American competitive reality television series MasterChef (also known as MasterChef: Legends) premiered on Fox on June 2, 2021, and concluded on September 15, 2021. Gordon Ramsay, Aarón Sanchez, and Joe Bastianich all returned as judges.