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Why am I hitting my irons straight right?

Why am I hitting my irons straight right?

It sounds simple, but this basic misalignment is a common culprit. Ball Position: The ball might be too far back in your stance. This causes you to make contact when the club is still swinging to right field. Backswing: You might be too far inside on the backswing, pulling the club away from the target line.

What causes golf shots to go straight right?

Problem: When the ball flies dead right, it means your lower body slid ahead, which drops the club too far inside. Golfers see their tee shots go right and automatically curse the slice. Sometimes those are blocked shots caused by swinging too much from the inside.

How do I stop cutting properly?

How To Fix Your Slice: 7 Simple Steps To Straight Golf Shots

  1. Don’t Aim Left.
  2. Position Your Golf Ball Properly in Your Setup.
  3. Take Note of Your Divots.
  4. Fix Your Grip.
  5. Keep Your Elbow Tucked During Your Backswing.
  6. Transfer Your Weight.
  7. Release the Club Prior to Impact.

Why do I hit my irons straight but hook my driver?

When you have your left foot sticking out further than your right foot, you will close off your body to the target. This can cause hands and arms to swing around with a slightly closed clubface and make the ball head to the left. The alignment is one of the most common causes of a hook.

Why am I pull hooking my irons?

If it’s a pull, there are two likely reasons why the ball is starting left: 1) your body and clubface are aimed left of the target at address, which promotes an out-to-in path; or 2) you’re aiming properly but the clubface is closed too much at the point of contact.

How to correctly hit Irons?

Line the side of your body up with your target.

  • Spread your feet so they are directly below your shoulders.
  • Position the ball just ahead of the middle of your feet.
  • Hold the club firmly with your dominant hand in front.
  • How to hit irons for beginners?

    – Performs very much like hybrid irons – One of the best irons for beginners – Shallow cup forged face for high launch and distance – Low center of gravity

    How to hit Your Irons straight?

    – Lack of stability and a swing path too much from the inside are common causes – A towel under your right foot’s outer half will help retain knee flex – Try to hit over an alignment stick on the correct target line

    How to hit Irons better?

    Hands in front of the ball. This one has already been mentioned above,but it bears repeating because it is so important.

  • Weight on the front leg. Along with getting your hands in front of the ball,getting most of your weight onto your front leg at impact is another key in
  • Eyes on the ball.
  • Complete conviction.