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Why did Apollo cover his eye?

Why did Apollo cover his eye?

Wracked with guilt at the thought that he considered his friend and co-worker suspicious, Apollo chose to wear a bandage over his eye so he would not be able to sense any of Cykes’s tells.

Is it worth playing Apollo Justice?

For those that have never tried this fourth Ace Attorney game, there is no reason not to pick up Apollo Justice. The riveting story is much more serious and emotional, the cases will shock and surprise you, and the soundtrack and cast of characters new and old are absolutely unforgettable.

How old is Apollo in dual destinies?

The Cosmic Turnabout

Apollo Justice
• Age: 23
The lawyer at my agency who was attacked during the court bombing trial. He’s currently recovering at the hospital. ↳Currently working on his own. He says he wants to bring his friend’s killer to justice, but I wonder if that’s all.

What is Apollo Justice’s Japanese name?

Housuke Odoroki
Apollo Justice, known as Housuke Odoroki in Japan, is a main character in the Ace Attorney series of mystery visual novel adventure games. He is the protagonist of the fourth game, a playable main character in the fifth and one of the protagonists in the sixth game.

What happened to Phoenix Wright after Apollo Justice?

After passing the bar exam, Phoenix becomes a defense attorney himself under Mia’s law firm, Fey & Co. Following Mia’s murder, Phoenix takes over the law firm, naming it Wright and Co., and also takes Mia’s sister, a spirit medium named Maya, under his wing.

Can you play Apollo Justice first?

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney This game should definitely be played after having gone through the final title of the prior trilogy. It spoils developments regarding a particular key character, and its emotional weight will be lacking if played before that point.

What is Apollo Justice’s power?

Usage. When Apollo Justice talks to people, they sometimes display subtle twitches or other habits while they are talking. Once this happens, Justice can “sense” that it has occurred with the help of his bracelet.