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Why did rangaraj Pandey quit?

Why did rangaraj Pandey quit?

Pandey had always been credited with making Thanthi TV a formidable force among Tamil news channels. “I wanted a break from the routine. I have been in the media industry for the last 22 years and I wanted to take a break. I will spend some time with my family,” Pandey told TNM.

What is rangaraj Pandey doing now?

Career. He resigned his post and quit Thanthi TV on 9 December 2018. He currently hosts a personal blog channel on YouTube called Chanakyaa.

Who is the editor of Thanthi TV?

vishnu bharath – Editor In Chief – Thanthi TV | LinkedIn.

Who is the owner of thanthi TV?

Dina Thanthi
Thanthi TV is a 24-hour Tamil news satellite television channel based in Chennai, India. It is owned by Dina Thanthi. Metronation Chennai Television Pvt Ltd.

Is Chanakya YouTube channel blocked?

YouTube channel Chanakyaa TV run by renowned journalist Rangaraj Pandey has been terminated by the video streaming and sharing platform, coming as a shock to many of his viewers. It was brought to light after several netizens pointed out that they could not find the channel on YouTube.

Who is thanthi TV owner?

Who is the owner of Dina thanthi?

Dina Thanthi is India’s largest daily printed in the Tamil language and the ninth largest among all dailies in India by circulation….Dina Thanthi.

Front page of Daily Thanthi on 12 July 2012
Format Broadsheet
Owner(s) Thanthi Trust
Founder(s) S. P. Adithanar
Founded 1 November 1942

Who is owner of news7 Tamil?

VV Group
News7 Tamil is a Tamil news channel headquartered at Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. It is owned by the Tamil Nadu-based VV Group….News7 Tamil.

Owner VV Group
Launched 19 October 2014

Who is the owner of News Tamil 24 7?

SPlus Media Pvt Ltd.

Who is Adithanar?

Adithanar) 27 September 1905 – 24 May 1981), popularly called as “Adithanar”, was an Indian lawyer, politician, minister and founder of the Tamil daily newspaper Dina Thanthi. He was the founder of the We Tamils (Tamil: நாம் தமிழர்) party.

Who is the publisher of daily thanthi?

Ownership Structure Daily Thanthi newspaper is published by Daily Thanthi Private Limited. The company is owned by Balasubramanian Adityan Sivanthi (50%) and Beemsingh Thalikuveli Rajalingam (50%).

Who is owner of News18?

Network 18
CNN-News18 (originally CNN-IBN) is an Indian English-language news television channel founded by Raghav Bahl located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. It is currently owned by Network 18 and Warner Bros. Discovery.