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Why is it called an oleo strut?

Why is it called an oleo strut?

History and applications Vickers’ oleo strut was first applied to an aeroplane by the French aircraft company Breguet Aviation. The design proved to be viable and was extensively adopted across the aviation industry for fixed undercarriages, becoming simply referred to as an “Oleo unit” or undercarriage leg.

What is oleo shock strut?

: a cylindrical strut with a built-in telescopic shock absorber that damps or absorbs rectilinear shock (as in an aircraft landing gear) by forcing oil up through an orifice in the bottom of a hollow piston into an air-compression chamber.

What is a wing strut?

Struts are rigid members used to brace the wings. Unlike a wire, a strut can carry load both in tension and compression, so strut-braced wings typically need either a single strut or a pair of struts (above or below) on each side of the wing.

What does oleo stand for?

Oleo is a term for oils. It is commonly used to refer to a variety of things: Colloquial term for margarine, a.k.a. oleomargarine not just vegetable fats but can be tallow. Oleic acid. Oleo strut, a type of shock absorbers on aircraft landing gear.

What is a empennage of aircraft?

The empennage is the name given to the entire tail section of the aircraft, including both the horizontal and vertical stabilizers, the rudder and the elevator. As a combined unit, it works identically to the feather on the arrow, helping guide the aircraft to its destination.

What are the different types of struts?

Type of strut: The three main types of struts are gas, coilover, pneumatic – all of which operate under the principle that reducing the shock of driving should occur by dampening the effect of springs, oil and gas together.

What is a jury strut?

A strut inserted to provide temporary support for a structure. A common example is the strut used to support the wing structure of an aeroplane when folded.

How do you say empennage?

noun, plural em·pen·nag·es [ahm-puh-nah-zhiz, em-; French ahn-pe-nazh].

What is a strut and tie?

Strut and tie modelling (STM) is a simple method which effectively expresses complex stress patterns as triangulated models. STM is based on truss analogy and can be applied to many elements of concrete structures.

What is strut and column?

A structural member, subjected to an axial compressive force, is called a strut. As per defi- nition, a strut may be horizontal, inclined or even vertical. But a vertical strut, used in buildings or frames, is called a column.

What is an oleo strut used for?

Oleo strut. An oleo strut is a pneumatic air–oil hydraulic shock absorber used on the landing gear of most large aircraft and many smaller ones.

What is an oleopneumatic strut?

(Click graphics for larger versions.) The answer was the oleopneumatic or “air-oil” shock strut, originally introduced in the late 1920s by the Cleveland Pneumatic Company.

What is an oleo shock absorber and trailing link?

Landing gear with oleo shock absorber and trailing link. An oleo strut is a pneumatic air–oil hydraulic shock absorber used on the landing gear of most large aircraft and many smaller ones. This design cushions the impacts of landing and damps out vertical oscillations.