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Why was Ada Wong cut from re Village?

Why was Ada Wong cut from re Village?

Ada Wong Was Cut From Resident Evil Village Due to ‘Conflicting Scenarios’ An art book included in Resident Evil Village’s Trauma Pack downloadable content pack has revealed that Capcom originally planned to include Ada Wong in the game, but she was ultimate cut because she didn’t fit into the overall narrative.

Is Ada Wong a girl?

An American woman of Asian descent, Ada is first mentioned in the original Resident Evil (1996) set in 1998.

What happened to Ada Wong in RE2?

As the lab is self-destructing Ada is thrown over the edge of a bridge and Leon grabs her. Unfortunately, he can’t pull her up and Ada falls down a huge hole along with the G-Virus.

Is Ada Wong an assassin?

Ada wong is a very strong femail assassin/agent in honesty no one really knows who she works for at any one given moment, one minuet she is a spy for umbrella the next shes a spy for Albert Wesker. In the events of the T-virus outbreak within Raccoon city she is trying to find and hunt down Annette Birkin.

Will Ada Wong come back?

Sadly, the confirmation her entire character was cut from Village makes her return unlikely. If we’d seen a plague doctor lurking in the background of Ethan’s campaign, then maybe an Ada DLC would work. However, she was completely cut, suggesting it’s not simply a case of slotting her back in.

Will village get a DLC?

Capcom have confirmed that Resident Evil Village will receive free DLC when discussing the company’s plans for the future.

What is Ada Wong’s goal?

She works for an organization called Neo Umbrella and is all set to cause a C-Virus outbreak in some of the major cities across the world. Ada pursues Clara throughout the game, all the while avoiding the angry and vengeful group of BSAA members, including Chris Redfield, who mistakes Ada for Clara.

Who does Leon S Kennedy love?

Ada Wong
8 Leon Has Strong Feelings For Ada Wong Leon S. Kennedy maintains an uncanny relationship with Ada Wong throughout the series. For him to look the other way on Ada Wong’s illegal acts shows that Leon S. Kennedy must have some pretty strong feelings for her.

How tall is Ethan Winters?

It’s worth pointing out is that Clancy does not have a canonical height, but his in-game model seems to line up with Ethan’s 1:1, suggesting that he’s roughly 5’11”.