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Will shoe goo work on neoprene waders?

Will shoe goo work on neoprene waders?

shoo goo is good stuff, works great on neoprene. i like to thin it some first, makes it easier to work into the rubber and it goes on smooth and thin. then add a couple of layers.

How do you repair a leaking wader seam?


  1. Turn waders inside out and examine seams and fabric for gaps.
  2. Apply Aquaseal FD directly to the seam, extending over seam and on to the fabric by 0.25”.
  3. Use brush to work Aquaseal FD under fabric folds and into stitching.
  4. Allow adhesive to cure for 8-12 hours.

How do I fix a hole in my neoprene waders?

To repair any neoprene waders you may need to fill your waders with water to find the leak but in most cases the leak should be easy to find. Look for tears, or punctures in the material. You then can apply a liberal amount of Aquaseal or SG-20 (a flexible epoxy like material) to the leaky area to seal it again.

What can I use instead of Aquaseal?

Depending on your load bearing, Neoprene Cement can also be an alternative. It has a bit of flex after curing, where as Aqua Seal becomes rigid. It also only takes 15minutes to prep and an hour to fully cure for small applications.

What is the same as Aquaseal?

Similar to Aquaseal, Seam Grip is safe for use on natural fabrics, leather, vinyl, waterproof laminates, PVC and synthetic fabrics including polyurethane, nylon, neoprene and rubber.

Will flex seal work on neoprene waders?

The flex seal seem to penetrate the neoprene and does not peel off.

Can you use E6000 on waders?

Whitewater raft vendors want you to buy two-part sealer and special cloth, that may or may not be used for rubber. The various sealears like E6000, ShoeGoo, Goop, etc., do not hold well and quickly crack. The boots are otherwise in good condition, a bit too early to declare “too old” to repair.

What is Aquaseal made of?

Aquaseal Neo is a black, neoprene specific contact cement. It will provide a waterproof seal and will stretch with the skirt. Most importantly it won’t interfere with future repairs.