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Write essays for money for college student

Essay as an effective tool for making money

Essay – a genre of criticism and journalism, free interpretation of any literary, philosophical, aesthetic, moral or social problems.

It is advisable to use the essay as a small written task usually at the stage of comprehension, processing of the read. Actually, many scientific and popular scientific treatises are devoted to the topic of the essay creation.

How easy it is to earn writing an essay

A personal essay, in this case about a College student, gives the College an opportunity to understand what kind of person you are, in addition to your academic and sporting achievements. This is an important document for the Admissions Committee because colleges want to fill their campus with people with certain, desirable characteristics for them.

The letter should surprise a member of the Admissions Committee, give a more holistic view of you as a person with unique characteristics. This is much easier said than done. And at this stage, your help will be useful to College students who are just going to do. If you have ever had the experience of writing such an essay, then it will not be difficult for you to write another, but if you are going to write in the first place, then you should know how it should be correctly compiled. Moreover, you are going to take money for this, which means that your customer (student) should be satisfied with the result.

Basic rules of essay writing

So, first, talk to the student, let him tell you about his Hobbies, awards. This will be the starting point for the essay. Your essay has to hook up with the Admissions Committee to make them want to take a student.

Second, don’t try to falsely portray the student as a very sociable or determined person, or as someone who has every aspect of life at the highest level. If he’s impulsive or shy or too pedantic in planning, talk about it! You do not need to focus on the negative aspects of your customer: the best feature of writing an essay is that you will be able to present yourself in the best light. So, for example, tell us how a student’s impulsiveness has allowed him to try so many new things that others are afraid to do, and his planning skills are the only thing that has helped his friends turn thoughts about a car tour into reality (for example).

Third, make sure that you have all honestly written about your customer in the letter. The College will accept or reject it based on your narrative, and if it turns out to be untrue, you will end up being dissatisfied and your customer even more so. Many students lose sight of this in the application process, so your job as a performer is to do everything right.

What not to do in writing an essay

Do not repeat what is already in your application. Specify what your customer wrote in the application and do not repeat it in your essay.

Do not try to sell the customer. If you try too hard to emphasize only his good qualities or use big words, the selection Committee will immediately notice it.

Don’t use too complicated language. Many performers make one big mistake, get a dictionary, and try to write essays with very clever words. Better write from yourself clearly, concisely, beautifully. To make it clear that you wrote yourself, and not stripped from somewhere.


Well, I guess now you know how to write an essay for your student. Use these simple rules and you will be able to easily make money writing college essays. Writing an essay, even with all the tips and tricks, is a complicated process.

Knowing all the details is useful, but even more important is thoughtful editing. So before you write, find out all the necessary information, sketch it on a piece of paper, think about the concept, and then start writing.