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Can you use any floor cleaner for glitter ornaments?

Can you use any floor cleaner for glitter ornaments?

Many people use a floor cleaner or wax, such as Mop & Glo, to make the glitter ornaments while others use polycrylic. I tried out both ways and here’s what I have decided: Mop & Glo or floor polish: Easiest way to make them.

What can I use instead of Polycrylic for ornaments?

Let’s get started! Keep in mind you that you can also use Pledge Floor Care Finish instead of the Polycrylic. The Pledge swirls around the ornaments quicker and drips out instantly. It does, however, not give you quite as much coverage as the polycrylic and doesn’t hold up as well over time.

How do you make Christmas ornaments with Mop and Glo?

First, fill the ball ornament about 1/4 of the way with Mop & Glo. Gently swirl the ornament around to coat the inside evenly with cleaner. Then, remove the cap from the Mop & Glo bottle and let the leftover cleaner inside the ornament drain into the bottle.

Can you use pledge for glitter ornaments?

The Pledge dries on the inside and your glitter is stuck tight- no worries that it will not last. These will stay glittery year after year. Want to take your ornaments to the next level (as if they weren’t beautiful enough on their own!)?

Which is better polycrylic or polyurethane?

The formula has an acrylic base; polyurethane is added for better adhesion and durability. Polycrylic is not as durable as polyurethane and is meant to be used only on interior surfaces such as cabinets, furniture, and trim.

Can you use Mod Podge instead of polycrylic?

Mod Podge tends to be a better entry-level sealant due to it being so versatile and cheap with polycrylic being a more specialist intermediate to professional level sealing agent.

How do you keep glitter ornaments from shedding?

If glitter rubs off a Christmas ornament then stop it from happening by coating it with a thin layer or spray on glue or hairspray. You can use these items to add extra protection and prevent the glitter from rubbing off in the first place.

What is a good sealer for glitter?

3.1 The Best Glitter Sealer Spray: KRYLON Triple-Thick Crystal Glaze Spray.

  • 3.2 The Best Permanent Fabric Glitter Spray: TULIP Glitter Spray And Sealant.
  • 3.3 Fabric Glue As A Glitter Sealant: ALEENE’S OK to Wash-It Fabric Glue.
  • 3.4 For the Best Glitter Mod Podge Project: MOD PODGE Gloss.