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How do I access a network folder from a different user?

How do I access a network folder from a different user?

In the Folder box, type the path of the folder or computer, or select Browse to find the folder or computer. To connect every time you log on to your PC, select the Reconnect at sign-in check box. ** This is the point where you should also choose “Connect using different credentials”.

How do I Map a network drive to all users?

Under User Configuration, go to Preferences, then go to Windows Settings. You will see an option for Drive Maps, right-click on it and then select New > Mapped Drive. Now create the drive mapping. For the Action, you’ll want to choose “Create”

How do I restrict my computer to a specific user?

Open the user’s account Properties in the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in. Select the Account tab and click Log On To. Then, click Logon Workstations, select The following computers, enter the name of the workstation you want to restrict the user to, and click Add.

How do I block another user on Windows 7?

To set up Parental Controls

  1. Go to the Control Panel from the Start Menu.
  2. Click Set up parental controls for any user. Getting to Parental Controls.
  3. Click on any Standard Account.
  4. Click On to turn Parental Controls on.
  5. Now you can click Time limits, Games, or Allow and block specific programs to set the Parental Controls.

How do I access a network folder?

To find and access a shared folder or printer:

  1. Search for Network , and click to open it.
  2. Select Search Active Directory at the top of the window; you may need to first select the Network tab on the upper left.
  3. From the drop-down menu next to “Find:”, select either Printers or Shared Folders.

How do I open a network folder as administrator?

All replies. Right-click the folder and choose properties, then use the Security tab to grant yourself full access (you might need to go into advanced security settings to take ownership of the file first).

How do I restrict a computer for only one domain user?

To eliminate the option of logging on one or few computers, follow the instructions bellow:

  1. Go to “Start” -> “Run”.
  2. Write “Gpedit.msc”
  3. Enable “Deny logon locally” user right to the source domain user accounts.
  4. Run Gpupdate /force on the local computer.

How do I lock my computer down for public use?

Press the Windows logo key and the letter ‘L’ at the same time. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del and then click the Lock this computer option. Create a shortcut to lock the screen.

How do I block a guest account on my hard drive Windows 7?

First type gpedit. msc in the search box of the Start Menu and hit Enter. Now navigate to User Configuration \ Administrative Templates \ Windows Components \ Windows Explorer. Then on the right side under Setting, double click on Prevent access to drives from My Computer.