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How do I drop my CV in Bdjobs?

How do I drop my CV in Bdjobs?

Yes, it’s possible to delete your resume.

  1. After signing in to your MY BDJOBS account go to the account settings option.
  2. Now click on Delete Resume then provide your User ID and Password and explain the reason of deleting resume.
  3. After typing those click on the Delete button.
  4. Your resume will be deleted from

How do I post a job on Bdjobs?

First click on “Post a New Job” and then you will be in the first step.

  1. Red Star. On first step you need to fill all required fields, fields marked with red star are the mandatory fields.
  2. Continue. Then click on “Continue” button to go to second step.
  3. Publish later.
  4. Ready to publish.
  5. Submit.

What is Bdjobs grading scale?

A GRADE—- 90% — 4.00 CGPA. A- ” —- 85% — 3.7 ” B+ ” — 80% —- 3.3 ” B ” — 75% —- 3.0 ”

Where can I upload my CV to Bdjobs?

where should i drop cv? Answer: Dear anonymous: Thanks for placing your feedback, however, you can create a resume on our website (pls, see Post Resume at

What is the most common job in Bangladesh?

Top 10 Most In-Demand Jobs in Bangladesh

  1. Customer Support Jobs.
  2. Call Center Jobs. The call center industry for a long time has been dominated by the Indian subcontinent, mainly India.
  3. Data Entry Jobs.
  4. Sales & Marketing Jobs.
  5. Online Marketing Jobs.
  6. Part Time Jobs.
  7. IT & Telecom Jobs.
  8. Engineering Jobs.

Is textile engineering hard?

For many it is tough and for many it is easy. Its kind of depend on you. As in textiles you have to learn new A B C of the subject unlike mechanical where they expect prerequisite knowledge. For many it is tough and for many it is easy.

What is 9th grade job in Bangladesh?

Currently, BD President gets 1, 20,000 as monthly salary. Moreover, the BCS cadre in Bangladesh gets 22,000 Taka as basic per month….8th National Pay Scale 2015 Bangladesh (Monthly Salary)

National Pay Scale Grade Basic Salary in BDT (Taka) Entry & Position
9 22,000 BCS Officer
8 23,000
7 29,000
6 35,500