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How do I get from Heraklion airport to Chania?

How do I get from Heraklion airport to Chania?

You can take a taxi from the Heraklion airport to Chania. This is a drive of 140 km and may take around 2 hours. The taxi ride should cost no more than €200 Euro. Arrange the price before getting into the taxi.

How do I get from the airport to my hotel in Crete?

After a long flight, all you want to do is get to your accommodation and relax, and the quickest way to do this is by taxi. The driver will pick you up from the airport, and drop you off directly at your door in just 10 minutes.

Is there a bus from Heraklion airport to Chania?

No, there is no direct bus from Heraklion Airport Terminal to Chania. However, there are services departing from Irakleion Airport and arriving at Chania via Heraklion. The journey, including transfers, takes approximately 4h 4m.

Is Uber available in Crete Greece?

Uber is illegal in Greece, use taxis that are dirt cheap.

Can you fly from Chania to Heraklion?

You can compare round trip and one way flights by using our flight comparison. The average price for one way flights from Chania to Heraklion is €50. The average price for round trip flights from Chania to Heraklion is €314.

Is it easy to get a taxi from Heraklion airport?

There are direct routes to many countries around the world and the airport has first class facilities along with easy transportation options into the city of Heraklion. The airport is only about 3.10 miles (roughly 5 kilometers) from the City of Heraaklion and therefore taking a taxi is simple, short, and affordable.

How much is taxi from Heraklion airport to Malia?

It’s about 35 kms from the airport to Malia so expect to pay 40 euros or thereabouts. Look for the chart on the Arrivals wall which details agreed prices to all points on the island and agree the fare with the driver before departing for Malia.

Is driving in Crete difficult?

There are some steep hills and difficult roads to drive. If you plan to explore Crete’s mountains and isolated beaches, makes sure you choose a car with at least 1400cc engine. Gearbox: If you are used to drive an automatic gearbox car at home, it is better to book the same time of vehicle in Crete too.