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How do I order from Baxter?

How do I order from Baxter?

For ordering PD supplies (PD solutions, PD cycler, cassettes and other disposables) from Baxter, patients can go to or here to register to order online or contact Baxter HomeCare Services at 1-800-284-4060, Monday through Friday 7am-6pm CT, available are English and Spanish speaking agents.

What do Baxter make in Castlebar?

About Baxter Baxter provides a broad portfolio of essential renal and hospital products, including home, acute and in-centre dialysis; sterile IV solutions; infusion systems and devices; parenteral nutrition; surgery products and anaesthetics; and pharmacy automation, software and services.

Who are Baxter competitors?

Baxter International’s competitors Baxter International’s top competitors include Boston Scientific, Abbott, Becton Dickinson, Medtronic and Fresenius. Baxter International is a provider of critical care, nutrition, renal, hospital, and surgical products.

Does Baxter make syringes?

Baxter offers contract manufacturing services for a variety of sterile dosage forms, such as prefilled syringes, liquid and lyophilized vials, cartridges, and cost-saving diluents for reconstitution.

What does Baxter manufacturer?

Baxter International Inc. is an American multinational health care company with headquarters in Deerfield, Illinois….Baxter International.

Type Public
Products Medical supplies to treat haemophilia and kidney disease and provide intravenous therapy
Revenue US$11.67B (FY 2020)
Net income US$1.10B (FY 2020)
Total assets US$20.01B (FY 2020)

How much does PD solution cost?

Dianeal PD-2 with 1.5% Dextrose (lvp solution) is a member of the intravenous nutritional products drug class and is commonly used for Peritoneal dialysis….Intraperitoneal Solution.

Quantity Per unit Price
3000 milliliters $0.02 $58.40
5000 milliliters $0.01 $53.00
6000 milliliters $0.01 $72.26

Where are Baxter products manufactured?

ROUND LAKE, ILLINOIS USA FACILITY Our team has decades of experience in parenterals development, manufacturing, and partnering. Parenteral delivery systems, such as ready-to-use premixed drugs manufactured in our Round Lake facility, provide an opportunity to differentiate your product and move patient care forward.

Is Baxter a pharmaceutical company?

Baxter Healthcare Pharmaceutical Ltd. develops, manufactures, and markets healthcare products. The Company offers products for the treatment of haemophilia, immune disorders, infectious diseases, kidney disease, trauma, and other chronic and acute medical conditions.

What is a prefilled syringe?

A prefilled syringe is a single-dose packet of vaccine to which a needle has been fixed by the manufacturer.

What equipment is needed for peritoneal dialysis?

Peritoneal dialysis can be performed with little to no specialized equipment (other than bags of fresh dialysate). ProMed Devices provide all vital equipment required for dialysis patients such as Hemodialysis Machines, Peritoneal Dialysis Machines, Reverse Osmosis Machines and accessories. We supply best brands from reputed manufacturers

Is peritoneal dialysis better than hemodialysis?

Some doctors feel that continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) and automated peritoneal dialysis (APD) have several benefits when compared to hemodialysis. With continuous dialysis, you can control extra fluid more easily, and this may reduce stress on the heart and blood vessels. You are able to eat more and use fewer medications.

What is the lifespan on peritoneal dialysis?

• The average life expectancy of someone receiving kidney dialysis is 4.25 years. • The 10 year kidney dialysis life expectancy is 23%. (Mailloux LU,et el. Clin Nephrol. 1994 Aug;42(2):127-35.) Kidney Dialysis Life Expectancy. It might be hard to read such statistics, but I believe knowing such statistics can give you a chance to change your life.

Can heparin be taken before or after a peritoneal dialysis?

The administration of intraperitoneal (IP) heparin enjoys time-honored use and is felt to be side-effect free. It is administered whenever fibrin is detected in the dialysate effluent. It is believed that there is no absorption of heparin across the peritoneal cavity.

What is Baxter in digital?

“Baxter’s digital transformation is helping the company unlock the potential of healthcare data and develop a more personalized approach to care, using the unmatched reliability and proven security of one of the world’s leading cloud providers.

Is Baxter an American company?

Baxter International Inc. is an American multinational health care company with headquarters in Deerfield, Illinois.

What are the products of Baxter?

Our Products

  • FLOSEAL Hemostatic Matrix for Surgical Care.
  • HDx Enabled by THERANOVA for Renal Care.
  • NUMETA G13E for Nutritional Care.
  • OLIMEL Portfolio for Nutritional Care.
  • PRISMAFLEX System for Critical Care.
  • TISSEEL [Fibrin Sealant] for Surgical Care.

What supplies are needed for peritoneal dialysis?

Dialysis supplies (larger bags of PD solution, drain bag or drain line, cassettes and tubing and other connection devices) Masks. Disinfectant. Space for your machine and supplies.

What is Baxter Sharesource?

Sharesource remote patient management platform is a two-way, digital health solution that enables healthcare professionals to stay connected with their home dialysis patients.

How much did Baxter pay for Hillrom?

$10.5 billion
(NYSE:BAX), a global medtech leader, announced today it has completed its acquisition of Hillrom. Baxter paid $156.00 in cash for each outstanding share of Hillrom common stock for a purchase price of $10.5 billion (based on Hillrom share counts at closing).

In addition to four manufacturing facilities in China, Baxter operates seven others in countries across the Asia Pacific region, including India, Japan, Singapore, Australia and the Philippines.

Who is the owner of Baxter?

Ralph Falk and Don Baxter launched the Don Baxter Intravenous Products Corporation, the first commercial manufacturer of prepared IV solutions.

What does the name Baxter mean?

Baxter is an Anglo-Saxon and Scottish name, originally from the English occupational surname meaning “baker,” from the early Middle English bakstere and the Old English bæcere. The form Bakster was originally feminine, with Baker as the masculine equivalent, but over time both names came to apply to both men and women.