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How do I send a message to Radio 1?

How do I send a message to Radio 1?

WhatsApp: You can text us on WhatsApp via the Radio 1 number 03700 100 100. SMS: You can also text us on 81199. Texts will not be included in your inclusive text bundles, and the exact cost of each message depends on your service provider – it is typically between 10 and 15 pence per message.

What just played on Radio 1?

Recent Tracks

  • Now Playing. The Weeknd. Take My Breath.
  • 1 Minute Ago. BURNS. Talamanca.
  • 6 Minutes Ago. Nova Twins. K.M.B.
  • 10 Minutes Ago. George Ezra. Green Green Grass.

Who was the first DJ on Radio 1?

Tony Blackburn
Tony Blackburn spins the first discs Tony Blackburn opened Radio 1 on 30 September 1967 at 7.00am, with Robin Scott, then Controller Radio 1, standing over him!

How do I email BBC radio?

BBC Customer Service Contacts

  1. BBC Email Support. [email protected].
  2. BBC Live Chat Support. N/A.
  3. BBC Call Center Support. 03700 100 222.
  4. BBC Knowledge Base. N/A.
  5. BBC Forum.

How do I get a shout out on BBC Radio 1?

Contact us

  1. [email protected].
  2. [email protected]. Email Jordan…
  3. [email protected]. Drop Maya an email!
  4. Sms. 81199 – text us 1000 – 1300, Weekends.

Who left Radio 1 2021?

Nick Grimshaw
BBC Radio 1’s drivetime host Nick Grimshaw is leaving the station after 14 years. Vick Hope and Jordan North will co-host a new drivetime show on the network.

What was the second record ever played on Radio 1?

The first complete record played on Radio 1 was “Flowers in the Rain” by The Move, the number 2 record in that week’s Top 20 (the number 1 record by Engelbert Humperdink would have been inappropriate for the station’s sound). The second single was “Massachusetts” by The Bee Gees.

Who is the new controller of BBC Radio 1?

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When was BBC Radio 1 founded?

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How many people listen to BBC Radio 1?

Listen to BBC Radio 1 live, which is the third most popular radio station in the United Kingdom after BBC Radio 2 and BBC Radio 4. More than 8.9 million weekly listeners keep up their actual musical freshness with the latest releases, and with the up to date music broadcasted by the radio.

Will Radio 1 have its own channel on BBC iPlayer?

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