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How do you make a push pull solid in SketchUp?

How do you make a push pull solid in SketchUp?

You need to tap the Alt key so the pushpull tool will copy the face, and then you need to reverse at least one of the faces. Or you can just copy the face from one end to the other and Reverse it, or use the TIG Mirror tool to mirror it about a midpoint along the cylinder and do it in one go.

How do you push objects in SketchUp?

Select the Push/Pull tool ( ) or press the P key. Click the face you want to push, as shown on the left in the following figure. Move the cursor in the direction you want to push. You can push partway into your model to remove only some of it, as shown on the right in the following figure.

Why can’t I push in SketchUp?

This typically occurs when the objects to be extruded are apart of a Component or Group. If your object is in a Group/Component, you cannot Push/Pull it as one Group/Component. However, you can double-click the Group/Component to edit it, then select a surface to push/pull.

How do you push smooth surfaces in SketchUp?

With your Sketchup model open, navigate to “file” and hover over “Freedo6 Collection” to select “joint push pull.” You can also get to the tool from your top menu bar. Select Surface > Joint Push Pull. To begin, select the surface you want to change.

Why is my object not a solid SketchUp?

In order for SketchUp of any version to consider something a solid, it must be a group or component. The group or component must contain only geometry–no other groups or components–and every edge in the group or component must be shared by exactly two faces. No more and no less.

How do you extrude shapes in SketchUp?

Here’s how the manual method works:

  1. Identify the path for your extrusion.
  2. Draw a face or profile that you want to follow the path.
  3. Select the Follow Me tool ( ).
  4. Click and drag the face that you created along the path.
  5. Click to complete the Follow Me operation when you reach the end of the path.

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