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How many terminals are there at Alicante airport?

How many terminals are there at Alicante airport?

three different terminals
Alicante Airport can be considered as one of the busiest airports that can be found in Spain. It consists of three different terminals, which are being used for the transport of regular passengers. The building that is associated with the passenger terminals is known as New Terminal Area (NAT).

What terminal is Alicante?

Alicante airport has three terminals for regular passenger transport: Passenger terminal building: also known as Terminal NAT (New Terminal Area) or “New Terminal”. Terminal T1: currently closed. Terminal T2: currently closed.

Can you sleep in Alicante airport?

Spending the night at the airport It is a safe and quiet place to spend the night. Where to rest: Although there are a few seats without armrests inside the enclosure, the best option might be to sleep on the floor, especially in the Arrivals Hall, which is usually darker.

How long does it take to get through Alicante airport?

It all depends on what seats you are sitting in on the plane and how many people are in front of you before you get through the passport scanners. A general rule is about 30 – 40 mins if waiting for luggage and the bus is very punctual.

Is Alicante airport busy?

Alicante airport is the fifth busiest airport in Spain with nearly 30 million passengers. Alicante–Elche Airport operates from 4 May 1967 and is located 15 minutes by car from the centre of Alicante . Transportation options to and from the Alicante airport are plentiful.

Are there showers in Alicante airport?

Showers – Not available. Smoking – The airport does not yet have a designated smoking room. You must leave the terminal building before you light up.

Is it safe to sleep in airport overnight?

Generally, sleeping in the airport is safe as long as you take normal precautions that one should expect to do when sleeping in public places. While we have never received any reports of attacks against airport sleepers, there have been a few bum fondlings. A few ipods and laptops have also gone missing!

Is there a fast track at Alicante airport?

Fast Lane. This service allows passengers to have preferential access to the security checkpoint, speeding up the process. It is only available subject to certain passenger access conditions… Holders of associated airline business class tickets and club cards.