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In which country is Senegal?

In which country is Senegal?

A virtual guide to Senegal, a country on the coast of West Africa, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean in west. It is bordered by Mauritania along the Senegal River in north, by Mali in east, by Guinea and Guinea-Bissau in south, and it encloses The Gambia, a narrow nation along both banks of the Gambia River.

Is Senegal visa free to Canada?

Senegal tourist visa is not required for citizens of Canada for a stay up to 30 days. Register your trip with the Canadian Embassy abroad!

Is Senegal safe for tourists?

OVERALL RISK : HIGH. Generally speaking, Senegal is not the safest country to visit. It has extremely high crime rates, of both violent and petty crime. You should be vigilant and take all possible precaution measures in order to minimize the risk of something wrong happening.

Why is Senegal so poor?

High unemployment rates, low literacy rates and a low human development index are only some of the cited causes of poverty in Senegal. Most of those who are employed are working for the agricultural sector, which itself is highly vulnerable to geographical and economic fluctuations.

What language do Senegal speak?

FrenchSenegal / Official languageFrench is a Romance language of the Indo-European family. It descended from the Vulgar Latin of the Roman Empire, as did all Romance languages. French evolved from Gallo-Romance, the Latin spoken in Gaul, and more specifically in Northern Gaul. Wikipedia

How strong is Senegal passport?

As of 2 July 2019, Senegalese citizens had visa-free or visa on arrival access to 55 countries and territories, ranking the Senegalese passport 89th in terms of travel freedom (tied with passports from Gabon, Guinea, Rwanda and Togo) according to the Henley Passport Index.

Which country can Senegal passport enter free?

Senegalese passport holders have visa-free access and visas on arrival to countries such as Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Ghana and Dominica.

Is Senegal a good place to live?

As the 7th most prosperous country in Africa, it has attracted several foreign companies, and there are many expatriates in Senegal. Educational institutions are of good quality, and there are international schools. It is also one of the best-connected countries in Africa.

What is Senegal most famous for?

Senegal is known for its delicious cuisine The country gleans its culinary inspiration from far and wide, combining French and North African influences with ancient local traditions. The staple dish for most families is thiéboudienne (fish and rice). You’ll find thousands of different variations around the country.

Is English spoken in Senegal?

In Senegal, English is taught as a second language. French is the official and colonial language used for administrative and academic purposes. However, there are several ethnic groups, therefore six different local languages are spoken in different parts of the country.