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Is laminate good for kitchen cabinets?

Is laminate good for kitchen cabinets?

If your goal is to create a sleek, contemporary and efficient kitchen design, you may want to consider laminate kitchen cabinets. Laminate and wood are the two most popular materials used for kitchen cabinets, and they both offer a range of advantages and disadvantages related to price, durability and appearance.

Is gray a good choice for kitchen cabinets?

The color gray means neutrality and balance: Gray is not too light, not too dark, and always a good choice for kitchen cabinets. It’s the perfect middle-ground hue that enhances Shaker cabinets and modern glass front cabinets.

Which lamination is best for kitchen cabinets?

Acrylic Finish Laminate Give a high-end modern look to your kitchen with acrylic finish laminates. These are highly durable and posess a reflective high gloss finish which is available in various colour options. Acrylic finish laminates are moisture resistant and are highly resistant to fading caused due to UV rays.

How long will laminate cabinets last?

Just like anything else, when something is maintained correctly, it’s possible “that” something will last a lifetime. Laminate doors will last thirty to fifty years.

How long will a laminate kitchen last?

On the low end, semi-custom cabinets can be made of particle board with laminate veneers, on the high end they’re usually solid wood. Entire kitchens are designed around these cabinets that come in a range of styles and sizes. Expect these cabinets to last about 25 years.

Will grey cabinets go out of style?

They have a timeless appearance: Since grey cabinetry fits many different designs, it’ll never go out of style. When modern kitchens replace traditional ones, your grey cabinets will still match without looking vintage.

Are grey cabinets hard to maintain?

Maintenance. Maintaining the appearance of kitchen cabinets can be a challenge, especially if you and your family cook a lot. Gray cabinets are easier to maintain because they hide dirt better, whereas white will show every little speck of dirt, dust, or grime.

How long do laminate kitchen cabinets last?

But now, laminate cabinets come in a variety of colors, textures and finishes. They are even available in faux wood grain finishes to give your cabinets a true solid-wood feel. They will last you a lifetime, and can be easily painted, stained or re-finished.

Do laminate cabinets peel?

Laminate cabinets are a cost-effective way to provide a visually appealing finish for cabinets. Although generally durable, the laminate can begin to peel back with age or potentially crack.