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Is TaylorMade Sldr still a good driver?

Is TaylorMade Sldr still a good driver?

TaylorMade’s SLDR has had a fast take-up on both the main tours. The company claims this is the best driver they’ve produced, so we were keen to see what all the fuss was about. We hit both the SLDR and its predecessor, the R1 Black, on our GC2 launch monitor on the range at Stoke Park Golf Club.

Is the Sldr forgiving?

Forgiveness. The 460cc model is, without a doubt, more forgiving than the 430cc model. In absolutes, however, it isn’t quite as forgiving as other drivers in a similar price range such as the R1 or Big Bertha.

What is the Sldr C?

Low-forward CG promotes fast ball speed, high launch and low spin for phenomenal distance. Lower profile designs for easy to launch performance. Confidence insirping shaping.

Is the TaylorMade Sldr driver?

Now with the SLDR driver, the moveable weights in the heel and toe and the dial on the sole have been replaced with a single sliding weight in the 460cc titanium head….TaylorMade SLDR Driver – Product Details.

UK Launch 16 August 2013
Adjustability Loft, Weight
Shaft Name Fujikura Speeder 57
Shaft Types Graphite

What year was the TaylorMade SLDR driver made?

TaylorMade launched the SLDR driver in 2013 and quickly took over from the R1 as the company’s best-selling club in the range. The modern-classic design of the SLDR is accompanied by a hassle-free adjustable weight system.

What year is TaylorMade SLDR?

What is the difference between Sldr and Sldr s?

The SLDR S looks identical to the SLDR in terms of size and shape. It has a medium foot print for a 460cc driver, and it’s not over large in any one dimension. The big difference between the SLDR S and the SLDR is the color of the crown: the SLDR S has a silver crown compared to the dark grey of the SLDR.

What year did TaylorMade SLDR?

What is the TaylorMade SLDR driver?

The SLDR has its sliding weight track in the front of the driver, which creates the high-launch/low-spin conditions that TaylorMade has been touting for years.

What does the TaylorMade SLDR look like?

Instead of white, the SLDR has a handsome gray metallic crown that reminds us of TaylorMade’s popular 300 Series drivers from the past. Its 20-gram sliding weight is also faster and easier to adjust that TaylorMade’s moveable weight systems, and allows for much more precise tuning.

Where is the sliding weight track on a TaylorMade driver located?

But the sliding weight track is located in the exact location TaylorMade prefers to add weight in their driver — in the low, forward region of the head.

Is TaylorMade working on a new driver for the R7 driver?

According to Tom Olsavsky, TaylorMade’s senior director of product creation, his company has been working on a system to replace the moveable weight technology it pioneered in 2004 on its R7 driver almost since the time the R7 was released.