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Is the spy and the traitor a true story?

Is the spy and the traitor a true story?

The Spy and the Traitor by British journalist Ben MacIntyre is a true story which reads like a thriller. It’s the story of Oleg Gordievsky, a Soviet KGB officer who became a double agent and worked for Britain’s CIA equivalent, MI6.

Who was the most successful Soviet spy?

Oleg Gordievsky

Oleg Gordievsky CMG
Espionage activity
Allegiance Soviet Union (British secret agent since 1974) United Kingdom
Service branch KGB SIS/MI6
Rank Colonel of the KGB

Who is the most successful spy in history?

Aldrich Ames
Espionage activity
Country United States
Allegiance Soviet Union Russia
Agency CIA

Who is the most famous spy in the world?

8 of the Most Notorious Spies in History

  • Sir Francis Walsingham (1532-1590)
  • Belle Boyd (1844-1900)
  • Mata Hari (1876-1917)
  • Fritz Joubert Duquesne (1877-1956)
  • Lise de Baissac (1905-2004)
  • Dušan Popov (1912-1981)
  • Anthony Blunt (1907-1983)
  • Aldrich Ames (1941-present)

Is there a film about Oleg Gordievsky?

The Collapse of Communism: The Untold Story.

What genre is the spy and the traitor?

BiographyThe Spy and the Traitor: The Greatest Espionage Story of the Cold War / Genre

Where is Bonnie Hanssen today?

Robert Hanssen
Criminal charge(s) 18 U.S.C. § 794(a) and 794(c) (Espionage Act)
Criminal penalty 15 consecutive life sentences without parole
Criminal status Incarcerated at ADX Florence
Spouse(s) Bernadette “Bonnie” Wauck ​ ​ ( m. 1968)​

What are Russian spies called?

The KGB classified its spies as: agents (a person who provides intelligence) and. controllers (a person who relays intelligence).

Does the KGB still exist?

On 3 December 1991, the KGB was officially dissolved. It was later succeeded in Russia by the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) and what would later become the Federal Security Service (FSB).

Is’the spy and the traitor’the greatest espionage story ever told?

How anyone could support it in any way is inexplicable. The Spy and The Traitor is touted in its subhead as “the greatest espionage story ever told.” That isn’t just publisher hype.

Who was Russian spy Dmitry Kovtun?

Russian agent Dmitry Kovtun, who was accused by the U.K. authorities in the poisoning death of former spy Alexander Litvinenko in London in 2006, has died at 57 FILE – Russian businessman Dmitry Kovtun arrives for a news conference at Interfax headquarters in Moscow, Russia, Wednesday, April 8, 2015.

Who was the most highly decorated spy in WW2?

Code Name: Lise: The True Story of the Woman Who Became World War II’s Most Highly Decorated Spy by Larry Loftis —A woman was World War II’s most highly decorated spy The Princess Spy: The True Story of World War II Spy Aline Griffith, Countess of Romanones by Larry Loftis —The American fashion model who spied for the Allies in World War II