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Is ThruNite a good flashlight brand?

Is ThruNite a good flashlight brand?

The ThruNite Archer 2A V3 has a wide range of brightness settings, an easy and versatile two-button interface, and an overall satisfying design.

Is Nitecore a good flashlight brand?

If you are looking for a high quality, LED flashlight, or battery charger, NITECORE delivers some of the best on the market.

Are Nitecore lights good?

The NiteCore P16 is an excellent compact flashlight, in every aspect, and the brightest of the bunch! All of the newer flashlights are a great choice, and All come with a pocket clip, a holster, a lanyard, and spare O-rings. The TT-5 is IPX-7 waterproof, the P16 and SRT 6 are IPX-8 waterproof. All are shock resistant.

Is Nitecore better than Fenix?

To sum it all up: Nitecore likes to go a little towards the extreme, while Fenix tries to stay a little more conservative. If you compare them side by side in the same category Nitecore’s lights are often a bit more powerful. They usually like to increase their lumens a bit more than Fenix does.

How good is Nitecore?

The Nitecore MH12GTS flashlight is well built, and so far I am very pleased with it. It provides more than enough light for various applications and seems like it will withstand the abuse that is an inherent part of being a resident of my gear bag.

Are Nitecore batteries good?

5.0 out of 5 stars works great in my flashlights. I just moved from 18650 flashlights to some really nice 18350 lights and these batteries are in both of them. The run time is great they recharge using my 18650 charger just fine and the price was good. There really isn’t much more to say from a battery point of view.

What flashlight does US military use?

MX-991/U flashlights
MX-991/U flashlights currently issued to the United States Army and United States Marines are produced by Fulton Industries. The flashlight’s signature right angle design has proved popular in civilian use.