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Was the fast 5 vault scene real?

Was the fast 5 vault scene real?

According to reader Migu13, the chase scene in which two Dodge Chargers drag a vault through the city is unrealistic. Wrong! Turns out the safe scene in «Fast Five» actually happened in real life as it did on screen.

Did Paul Walker do his own stunts in Fast 5?

7 Paul Walker Did All Of His Own Stunts Just as Diesel had a hand in producing the movies, Walker gave everything he had to the series, and that meant doing all of his own stunts too.

Are the driving scenes in fast and furious real?

Real cars, with zero CGI. Fast and Furious 7’s car co-ordinator Dennis McCarthy explains. “Everyone was shocked when they found out we threw real cars out of the plane,” he says.

How much money did Dom get in Fast Five?

US$100 million
Brian investigates the chip and discovers it contains the complete financial details of Reyes’ criminal empire, including the locations of US$100 million in cash. Hobbs and his team arrive at Dom’s safehouse, but find it under assault by Reyes’ men, searching for the chip.

How heavy is a bank safe?

They weigh 80 to 100 thousand pounds. There’s absolutely no way you’re gonna carry an 80-100 thousand vault around. But we wanted one that at least looked heavy.

Where did they film Fast 5?

‘Fast Five’ – Released in 2011 Starring Vin Diesel and Paul Walker again they filmed in Brazil and Puerto Rico, California and Georgia in the United States. Once Brian and Mia rescue Dominic Toretto from the prison bus they head to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Did Vin Diesel do his own driving?

Vin Diesel performed many of his own stunts. However, according to the DVD commentary, Vin was sick for the Corvette base jump, and pro Tim Rigby performed the stunt wearing a Vin mask.

Can Paul Walker actually drive?

But did you know that Paul Walker was also a racecar driver in real life? Yes, he actually competed in the Redline Time Attack racing series and was on the AE Performance Team (AE as in Always Evolving, his car shop name). He drove a BMW M3 E92 at the 2010 West Coast event in the Street Tire class.

Did Paul Walker drive Fast?

1 He Passed Away in a Porsche Carrera GT In 2013 at 40 years old, just a few days off of filming the seventh Fast and Furious movie (Furious 7), Paul Walker was riding with his friend, Roger Rodas, from a charity event for Reach Out Worldwide. They were traveling 94 mph in a 45 mph zone.

Where are Brian and Mia at the end of Fast Five?

Dom and the family live happily ever after At the end of Fast Five, we see Dom, Brian, and Mia (Jordana Brewster), who is now visibly pregnant, relaxing on a tropical beach. The film ends with Brian and Dom renewing their rivalry.