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What are the grounds of reference?

What are the grounds of reference?

The grounds for reference is when there is reasonable doubt on the question of law by the subordinate court. The ground for revision is jurisdictional errors by the subordinate court.

What is reference and revision?

Reference is to consult the High Court on insolvency or invalid law, act, regulation or ordinance related to the case at hand. Revision is to review, change or amend any grammatical, clerical or arithmetic error by a trial court or high court.

What is difference between review and revision?

Review is given by the court which passed the decree or made the order whereas revision is executed only by the High Court. Review can be done only after the passing of the order whereas revision can be done when the case has been decided.

What is a reference in law?

Reference is the submission of a case to a referee. A court can order or refer a case to a master or referee for information or decision. This is usually done with the parties consent.

What is reference and appeal?

An Appeal is to plea or petition against the decision passed by the lower court. Reference is to consult the higher court on insolate or invalid Laws, Acts, Regulations or Ordinance pertaining to the case at hand.

What is the difference between reference and review?

The main difference between Reference and Review is that the reference is a judicial procedure by which the subordinate court seeks clarification from the high court when validity question ascends on the provision of any act, while through the review petition the aggrieved party seeks reexamination of the case.

Who can apply for reference?

Reference is dealt under Section 113 of the Code. It mentions that a subordinate court can refer a doubt to the High court where the former thinks that there should not be misinterpretation with regard to any law. This is called a reference. No party to the suit has the right to apply for reference.

What is reference case law?

Case citation is citing references used by legal professionals. It helps them to understand the decisions of the case. There are three parts of case citation – Volume, reported designation and page number.

What is reference in CrPC?

Reference – Meaning under CrPC Reference is a matter between two courts where the lower court seeks the opinion of the High Court regarding an act, ordinance or regulation.

What is a reference in court?

What is reference jurisdiction?

Reference Jurisdiction means, in respect of the Reference Currency, the country (or countries of the currency block) for which the Reference Currency is the lawful currency.