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What does GKN stand for?

What does GKN stand for? The company’s name is the initials of three early figures in its history: John Guest, Arthur Keen, and Joseph Henry Nettlefold. All three were key figures in the field of iron and steel during the Industrial Revolution.

Is GKN Aerospace a good company to work for?

Is GKN Aerospace a good company to work for? GKN Aerospace has an overall rating of 3.3 out of 5, based on over 359 reviews left anonymously by employees. 62% of employees would recommend working at GKN Aerospace to a friend and 39% have a positive outlook for the business.

What do GKN Aerospace make?

GKN Aerospace is a leading global tier one supplier of airframe and engine structures, landing gear, electrical interconnection systems, transparencies, and aftermarket services.

What is GKN Aerospace known for?

GKN Aerospace is the world’s leading multi-technology tier 1 aerospace supplier. With 38 manufacturing locations in 12 countries, we serve over 90% of the world’s aircraft and engine manufacturers. We design and manufacture innovative smart aerospace systems and components.

Is GKN part of Boeing?

GKN Aerospace and Boeing extend partnership on significant military aircraft contracts. GKN Aerospace has announced that it has signed a strategic agreement with Boeing [NYSE:BA] to solidify a continued working partnership until 2023.

Who owns GKN Aerospace?

Melrose IndustriesGKN / Parent organization

In 2018 Melrose Industries acquired GKN. Today, GKN Aerospace employs over 15,000 people in over 13 countries and serves the world’s leading aircraft and aero-engine manufacturers. Its rich and varied history has created a company with a unique reputation for quality and innovation.

Who is the CEO of GKN?

Anne L. Stevens (Jan 11, 2018–)
Hans Büthker (Jan 1, 2018–)

Is GKN Aerospace closing?

The union representing most of the workers said the announcement was a surprise. HAZELWOOD, Mo. — The union representing about 570 workers at GKN Aerospace said Friday it is “shocked and saddened” by the company’s “sudden” decision to shut down its St. Louis-area plant by the end of 2023.

Why is GKN closing?

Louis plant is closing by the end of 2023. GKN communications person, Wesley Bates, said the company made the decision because the plant is “not profitable.” In a statement Bates said: GKN Aerospace has made the difficult decision to announce the closure of its St. Louis site.

Will Boeing buy GKN?