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What does Springerle mean in German?

What does Springerle mean in German?

: a thick hard cookie that is usually flavored with anise and has a design impressed in relief upon the dough by means of a carved board or rolling pin and that is traditionally eaten at Christmas in German-speaking countries.

Where do springerle cookies originate?

Springerle is used in southern Germany, while they are called Anisbrötli (anise bun) in Switzerland. The origin of the cookie can be traced back to at least the 14th century in southwestern Germany and surrounding areas, mostly in Swabia.

What is a springerle mold?

Springerle Molds Are Made with Swiss Quality Our Springerle molds are reproductions of old and new original wood molds that are privately owned or in museums. These non-stick Springerle molds are ideally suited for making cookies, decorating pastries and crafts.

How do you use a springerle rolling pin?

To shape cookies using a springerle pin: Brush a very light coating of flour onto the dough and your springerle pin. Slowly roll the springerle pin over the dough, pressing down hard enough to leave a good impression. Cut the cookies apart on the lines.

How do you decorate a springerle cookie?

To paint the Springerle:

  1. Place a dab of food coloring into a small bowl.
  2. Use a paintbrush to carefully paint the color onto the raised parts of the cookie.
  3. To apply disco dust or gold and silver dust, dip a paintbrush into the vodka, apply to the part of the cookie you want to glitter.

How old are springerle cookies?

Springerle are German anise-flavored cookies that go back at least 700 years in their rich tradition as special gifts during the holidays and other celebrations.

How do you make Hartshorn?

Hartshorn salt, also known as hartshorn, or baker’s ammonia, used to be obtained from horn substance such as hooves or antlers. It is a mixture of two parts ammonium hydrogen carbonate (NH4HCO3) and one part ammonium carbonate ((NH4)2CO3) as well as some ammonium carbamate (NH4CO2NH2).

How do you clean an old wooden rolling pin?

All the rolling pin needs is to be wiped with a damp cloth and then dried with a clean towel. You can wash it with a little warm soapy water if you like, but make sure to immediately and thoroughly dry it. If your rolling pin has bits of dough stuck to it, use a bench scraper to remove them.

Can you freeze springerle dough?

A: Springerle dough can be refrigerated or frozen – remember to thaw before use! Refrigerated dough may be kept up to 4-5 days. (I most often make the dough, refrigerate it over night, and form the cookies the next morning.) Frozen dough may be kept up to 3 months wrapped airtight in plastic wrap and/or Ziplock bags.