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What does thank my lucky stars mean?

What does thank my lucky stars mean?

to be very grateful
Definition of thank one’s lucky stars : to be very grateful You should thank your lucky stars that you have a friend like her.

Who hosted thank your lucky stars?

The best known host on Thank Your Lucky Stars was Brian Matthew who joined in 1962 and is remembered today as the longest running broadcaster on the BBC with an incredible career spanning more than 60 years!

What happened to Janice from Juke Box Jury?

John Barry went on to write the Bond theme (amongst many other film tunes). Janice Nicholls apparently went on to a life of podiatry.

Where did thank your lucky stars come from?

This phrase, which reflects the ancient belief in the influence of stars over human destinies, appeared in slightly different form in Ben Jonson’s play Every Man Out of His Humour (1599): “I thank my Stars for it.” The exact locution dates from the 1800s and is more a general expression of relief than of belief in the …

What do lucky stars mean?

A person or thing that brings one aid, good fortune, or good luck. That bus almost hit you! You must have been born under a lucky star to come out unscathed. My mom has been my lucky star.

Who was famous for saying I’ll give it five?

Janice Nicholls
Janice Nicholls. Remember the name from the 1960s? A teenager who gave her verdict on new record releases. Her ratings were out of five, and if she liked one, she’d say enthusiastically, ‘Oi’ll give it foive’.

Who said I’ll give it 5 on Juke Box Jury?

What does the phrase thank your lucky stars in the political cartoon at right refer to?

If you say that someone should thank their lucky stars that something is the case, you mean that they should be very grateful that it is the case, because otherwise their situation would be a lot worse.

Where does the saying thank your lucky stars come from?