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What headset do call centers use?

What headset do call centers use?

Top Call Center Headsets:

  • Mpow 071.
  • Sennheiser SC60.
  • Jabra UC Voice 550.
  • Jabra Evolve 40 Mono.
  • Sennheiser CC 550 IP.
  • Jabra Biz 2400 II.
  • Logitech H800.
  • Plantronics Voyager Legend Wireless Bluetooth Headset.

Can I use Plantronics headset with computer?

The Plantronics Savi 8240 Office Wireless Headset is one of my favorites that I use at my office. It’s a “triple connectivity” wireless headset. It not only attach to your desk phone, it can also attaches to your computer (via USB cable) and smartphone, like a Apple iPhone (via Bluetooth in the base).

How do you answer a call on Sennheiser headset?

All you need to do is hit the button on the side of the headset and it will answer the call. You do not need to touch the mobile phone at all and it can be left where it is.

Which headset is best for office work?

Best headphones for office meetings in India

  • Sennheiser PC 8. The Sennheiser PC 8 headphone is a suitable option for those working from home or attending classes online.
  • Infinity Glide 510 by Harman.
  • boAt Bassheads 900.
  • Lenovo 110 Stereo Headset.
  • Zinq Technologies Beatle 5155.
  • Logitech H111 Wired Headset.

What is the best noise Cancelling headset for call center?

6 Best Noise Canceling Headsets For Call Centers Using Computer + Mobile phones

  • #1 Discover D312U.
  • #2 Plantronics Blackwire C5220.
  • #3 Sennheiser SC 75 USB.
  • #3 Jabra Evolve 80.
  • #4 Poly Voyager 4320 UC.
  • #5 Orosound Tilde Pro.
  • #6 Jabra Evolve2 65.

How do I setup my Sennheiser headset?

Set up the headset

  1. From the sidebar, click the Calls icon.
  2. From the Calls panel, click the Settings icon.
  3. Using the appropriate connector (USB cable or USB transceiver), connect your headset to a USB port on your computer .
  4. When Genesys Cloud prompts you to create a device profile, click Yes.