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What is final drive bulldozer?

What is final drive bulldozer?

A final drive uses a set of planetary gears (or a bull-and-pinion gear system) to convert force into torque one last time and, in doing so, allows the shafts, bearings, and gears to deliver power without being under the constant strain of a high-torque system.

Can a final drive be rebuilt?

Although you can buy a used final drive, the risk you run into there is getting a drive that has been rebuilt with counterfeit parts that don’t meet OEM standards. You can run into the same issue with aftermarket final drives. Finally, you can send it to a hydraulic repair shop that specializes in final drive repair.

How does an excavator final drive work?

Using a planetary gear configuration, the final drive gearbox reduces the speed supplied to that shaft and proportionately increases the available torque to rotate the hub to which the track sprocket is mounted, which engages the tracks with tremendous torque and moves the machine in the intended direction.

How deep can a cat 330 dig?

23.8 ft 7240 mm
Working Ranges & Forces

Maximum Digging Depth 23.8 ft 7240 mm
Maximum Depth Cut for 2440 mm (8 ft) Level Bottom 23.3 ft 7090 mm
Maximum Vertical Wall Digging Depth 19.8 ft 6010 mm
Bucket Digging Force – ISO 40200 lbf 179 kN
Stick Digging Force – ISO 28300 lbf 126 kN

How does a caterpillar final drive work?

Modern Final Drive Hydraulic Motors The modern speed-reducing gear system is a planetary gear design, with a ring gear, sun gear, and usually three planetary gears. This distributes the load over multiple gear teeth and places the drive motor up higher, allowing it to be separated from suspension.

Is a final drive the same as a differential?

This second application is sometimes called the transfer box differential or central differential. The final drive is a gear train that further reduces the speed of the gearbox output shaft to adapt it to the traction wheels; this gear train is usually inte- grated with a differential mechanism.

What kind of oil goes in a final drive?

Gear oil
Gear oil is a special type of highly viscous lubricant that is well adapted for use in differentials and transmissions, including final drives. Gear oil, also referred to as gear lube, is the lubricant for the planetary side of a final drive.

What is final drive?

Definition of final drive : the means for transmitting power from the propeller shaft to the rear axle in an automotive vehicle.

How does hydraulic final drive work?

The hydraulic pump provides the fluid that actuates the travel motor. The travel motor is essentially the hydraulic motor interfaces with the final drive, providing the power that the final drive transforms into torque. That torque is transferred to the sprocket, which then turns the wheel and/or track.

How much does a CAT 330 weigh?

Caterpillar 330 excavator and 330 GC excavator have operating weights of 68,125 and 67,460 pounds, respectively, with horsepower ratings of 275 and 204, respectively.