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What is the sequel to airborne?

What is the sequel to airborne?

SkybreakerAirborn / Followed bySkybreaker, sequel to Airborn, is a young adult fantasy novel written by Canadian author Kenneth Oppel. It continues the adventures of young airship student Matt Cruse, and Kate de Vries, a budding scientist. Wikipedia

What is the genre of Skybreaker?

Science fiction
SteampunkFantasy FictionAdventure fiction

What is the book Skybreaker about?

Skybreaker — Kenneth Oppel. In an adventure that will test his courage, his skill, and his heart, Matt is about to take off on the ride of his life. The Control Car of the giant airship is almost entirely encased in ice, the ship’s name barely visible on her tattered skin: Hyperion.

Is there a second airborn book?

AIRBORN was winner of a Michael L Printz Honor Book Award, and the Canadian Governor General’s Award for Children’s Literature; its sequel, SKYBREAKER, was a New York Times bestseller and was named Children’s Novel of the Year by the London Times.

How many books are in the Airborn series?

3 books
There are 3 books in this series. There are 3 books in this series.

Can Skybreakers fly?

Like Windrunners, Skybreakers have Gravitation as one of their Surges, which means they can also fly.

Where is the Skybreaker?

Icecrown Citadel In the Halls of Reflection, the final wing of the Frozen Halls 5-mans, the Skybreaker comes to the rescue of Alliance players escaping the Lich King when they become trapped on a platform outside the Hidden Passage.

Does the book Airborn have a movie?

Film adaptation Thomas Dean Donnelly adapted the screenplay. However, in 2008, Oppel indicated that the project had been dropped. Announced on March 19, 2012, Halifax Films and Michael Donovan teamed up and optioned the book for film.

What can Skybreakers do?

The Skybreakers are able use the Surges of Gravitation and Division. The full extent of their powers are so far unknown. Like most Knights Radiant, the Skybreakers have squires, though only those of the Fourth Ideal or above can accept them.

Where do I find the orgrim’s hammer?

To get to Orgrim’s Hammer, either talk to Sky Reaver Klum (the orc near the Flight Master in Dalaran) or use a flying mount. It’s pretty easy to tell your airship from the enemy one, as the NPCs on yours have green name tags. (Obviously, avoid the airship with red tags.)