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Where can you bungee jump in Cairns?

Where can you bungee jump in Cairns?

The AJ Hackett Bungy Tower in Cairns is located 15 km north of the city in dense tropical rainforest. The tower is high enough to provide stunning views of the Coral Sea and mountains around Cairns.

Where can I go bungee jumping in Australia?

Queensland, the adventure capital, is the only state where you can go bungee jumping in Australia.

How high is the bungee jump in Cairns?

50 metres
Teetering 50 metres above a deep natural lagoon, the AJ Hackett Bungy Jump is the most epic experience. And with 16 jump styles unique to Skypark, there’s a jump for everyone.

Where can you bungee jump in Qld?

The best Queensland Bungee Jumping are:

  • Cairns: Rainforest Bungy Jump.
  • From Cairns: AJ Hackett Giant Swing Experience.
  • Cairns: Rainforest Bungy Jump and Giant Swing.
  • Cairns: Skypark All Day Adventure Pass.

Where in Australia is the highest bungee jump?

Skypark Adventure Day Pass 140 meters above sea level, overlooking the Great Barrier Reef, it is not only the HIGHEST viewing platform in Cairns but one of the most spectacular Bungy sites in the world!

How high is AJ Hackett Bungy?

Guaranteed fun for everyone. If you want to do the highest, here it is; 134 metres (440 feet) above the rugged Nevis River. With 8.5 seconds of falling it’s a breathtaking ground rush like no other.

Is there an age limit for bungee jumping Australia?

Minimum age to Bungy is 10 years old, children aged 10 and over need to weigh a minimum of 45kg to jump solo and a minimum of 30kg to jump tandem with no more than 50kg of weight difference between the two jumpers. Minimum weight to solo Bungy is 45kgs | Maximum weight is 235kgs, solo or combined.

Is there bungee jumping in Brisbane?

Bungee Jumping in Brisbane: The adventurer’s guide You don’t have to be in an adventure capital to experience the thrill of bungee jumping and feel the wind in your hair. Brisbane’s only bungee jump experience, Bungy Australia, is currently relocating and updates can be found at Bungy Australia.

What is the highest Bungy in the world?

216 meters: Bloukrans Bridge, Western Cape, South Africa Right in the heart of South Africa, the Bloukrans Bridge is the highest commercial natural bungee jump in the world.