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Why does my teenage daughter have lower back pain?

Why does my teenage daughter have lower back pain?

​​Problems that affect a child’s back are most often due to injuries from sports or play, falls, or unusual strain, such as that caused by wearing a heavy backpack. Back pain and stiffness are most often caused by a pulled muscle, a strained ligament, or bruising.

Is it normal to have lower back pain at 16?

Back pain is a growing problem in children and adolescents, especially those who play sports, lug heavy backpacks around for school, or who have a higher body weight. Muscular injuries, such as a back muscle strain, are the most common cause. This pain can usually get better with ample rest.

How can a teenage girl get rid of lower back pain?

Over-the-counter anti-inflammatories, ice and rest can help relieve symptoms and reduce swelling. “Back pain in kids and teenage athletes often improves in a few days or weeks with rest and care at home,” reassures Dr. Smurawa. “It’s very uncommon to need surgery at this age.”

Is back pain common in teenage girls?

However, it has previously been shown that that back pain reporting is more frequent in young girls than in young boys but that boys catch up within a year or two [5].

Does lower back pain mean your growing?

While back pain is a common ailment for both adults and active children, the available literature regarding growing pains does not include pain in the back. Therefore, back pain in children may be a sign of another issue.

What causes back pain in teenager?

Common Risk Factors for Back Pain in Kids and Teens The most common risk factors for back pain in children and teens include sports participation; obesity; a sedentary lifestyle; and a family history of lower back pain, smoking, and/or psychological stress.

Is it normal to have lower back pain at the age of 17?

LBP, and particularly chronic LBP, has a significant negative impact at 17 years. It is commonly associated with care seeking, medication use, school absenteeism, and reduced HRQOL. These findings support that adolescent LBP is an important public health issue that requires attention.

How do you relieve spine pain?

7 Ways to Relieve Back Pain Naturally

  1. Enjoy an anti-inflammatory drink every day.
  2. Fall asleep faster and sleep longer.
  3. Avoid prolonged static posture.
  4. Gently stretch your joints and soft tissues through yoga.
  5. Try mindful meditation.
  6. Support your body in a warm pool.
  7. Keep a self-activating heat patch handy.

Can period cause lower back pain?

If you’re one of the many women who experience period pain, you’re likely familiar with lower back pain during your period. Lower back pain is a common symptom of PMS, a condition most women experience during menstruation. However, severe lower back pain may be a symptom of conditions like PMDD and dysmenorrhea.

What causes back pain in females?

Upper back pain in women is usually due to: Poor posture, like slouching or pushing the head forward while sitting or standing, causing misalignment of the spine. Muscle overuse or strain, usually due to repetitive motions or lifting items or children incorrectly. Injury to discs, muscles and/or ligaments.